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Yearly Fundraising Events

VMAX For One is a youth organization committed to inspiring and empowering a new generation of young leaders. We are proud to showcase our recent projects, including fashion designer showcase runway shows that have been used to raise funds for our organization. Take a look at our gallery to learn more about these inspiring events

Aquatica On The Runway

4th Annual Traveling Fashion Designers Showcase

At the upcoming 4th Annual Traveling Fashion Runway Showcase: Aquatica on the Runway, VMAX One will present its latest fashion extravaganza. Hosted at the Daytona Grande Oceanfront Resort, this event promises a spectacular showcase of designs.


Attendees can look forward to witnessing the VMAX models strutting their stuff amidst the picturesque backdrop, embodying the essence of style and elegance. Stay tuned for three days filled with fashion, flair, and unforgettable experiences.

Cultural Fusion

The 12th Annual Fashion Runway Showcase

The runway lights have dimmed, the applause has faded, but the memories of Cultural Fusion - The 12th Annual Fashion Runway Showcase continue to sparkle in our hearts! 


From December 7-9, 2023, Lake Square Mall & Leesburg International Airport were transformed into a hub of creativity and cultural celebration. Designers from near and far came together to weave a tapestry of style, showcasing the beauty of diversity through fashion.


At the heart of this spectacular event was VMAX for One, proudly presenting the talents of our amazing kids. It was a moment of pure magic as our young stars took to the runway, walking alongside professionals and spreading joy with every step.


3rd Annual Traveling Fashion Designers Showcase

VMAX One recently held its 3rd Annual Traveling Fashion Designer Showcase, Illumination, at Four Seasons Hotel in New Orleans. During their three-day event, the VMAX kids modeled in Jackson Square, and also visited the Mardi Gras World museum. 

Artisans At The Square

The 3rd Annual 

VMAX is proud to present Artisan At The Square, a youth organization event to be held at the Lake Square Mall. This special event will bring together creative exhibitors from the local community with youth performing artists. Attendees will have the chance to view and purchase unique works of art, enjoy lively music and entertainment, and discover a variety of food, all in one place. Artisan At The Square is a great way to experience the creativity of the area's youth, and it's sure to be an exciting event for all ages. Don't miss out - come join us and celebrate the arts

Whether you’re a music lover, art enthusiast, or just looking for a good time, this is the event for you! 

VMAX Kids outside

Program Information

Learn more about our creative arts programs at VMAX For One. Check out our program brochure for information on class schedules, tuition, and more.

We offer a variety of programs for students of all ages and skill levels. From painting and drawing to dance and music, there's something for everyone at VMAX Trial. Contact us to learn more and schedule a tour of our facilities.

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