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Creative Arts Programs

The Art of Fashion's Creative Arts Program provides a unique opportunity for young people to express themselves artistically and creatively. With its innovative program that no other states have, students can explore and develop their talents in a variety of mediums and make lasting memories.

Modeling Program

Our Modeling Program teach each participating student how to present themselves with elegance and class with regard to posture, gait, makeup application, diction, apparel, showmanship and professionalism. Business acumen is covered, as well as the development of a marketable portfolio. This six (6) month educational program also serves as a mentoring program offering private and group sessions.  During these classes all students will be required to participate in real time castings and fashion shows.

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Retail Visual Merchandising

This class is moduled for Middle School students and older. Each student will be taught the use of floor plans and three-dimensional displays to entice customers, project a positive store image, and maximize sales for any retail employer. Visual merchandising in the store, including interactive displays or seasonal décor of which can be used to set a mood and introduce customers to new or featured products. We have partnered with retail stores in the area to allow aged students an intern with hopes for employment and to continue their passion with each students desire for their inner Creative Arts.

Learning Character

Join our 'Learning Character' program with instructor Joshua Blake, a seasoned entertainment expert with 40+ years of experience. Discover personal growth and self-expression in a fun and engaging environment.

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All-around Performers

At VMAX, we aim to be multifaceted.

VMAX kids are committed to providing the highest quality of performance services. Our young performers are trained in all areas of performance. We are committed to helping each individual reach their full potential.


From Sketches to Showcases

2022-2023 New Class The Line Art Of Fashion

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