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VMAX Kids as Harry Potter characters
Coach Josh Blake

'Learning Character' program, a unique and enriching experience designed to foster personal growth and self-expression in a nurturing environment. Our dedicated instructor, Joshua Blake, boasts an impressive 40+ years of experience in the world of entertainment, making him the perfect guide for this transformative journey.


Joshua's extensive background includes touring the nation as a performer with 'The New Dawn Singers,' directing captivating stage productions, enchanting audiences at renowned theme parks such as Disney and Universal Studios, and delving into diverse creative disciplines, including Graphic Design and professional photography for iStockphoto and Getty Images. His remarkable journey has been marked by a passion for self-improvement and an insatiable curiosity for the arts.


In our 'Learning Character' program, Joshua draws upon his vast expertise to empower participants with essential life skills, self-confidence, and a profound understanding of personal character development. Whether you aspire to excel in modeling, retail visual merchandising, or simply wish to embark on a journey of self-discovery, this program offers a welcoming and supportive environment to achieve your goals.


As Joshua always says, 'Creating new things and making people smile while maintaining a professional and wholesome approach is at the heart of everything we do.' Join us in the 'Learning Character' program, where you'll not only enhance your skills but also cultivate a strong, authentic character that will serve you well in all aspects of life."

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